Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dream Weaver:

This bracelet is created in 3 sections the front which is centered by a copper and sterling silver bead with labrodorite and copper bali bead accents with a wavy copper wire weave around them all then the sides have more labrodorite, and copper and bali beads finishing it off with a lobster clasp. click on the images for a larger view. The pics dont do this one justice it is really Sweet. :)


Talula said...

HI, Trin.
How are you doing? Gotta question, you mentioned making a ring in two pieces. Do you have any tips or have you seen any tutorials on how to make a two piece ring? I did one and it came out decently but not exactly "right" if you know what I mean.

dragoness said...

Hi Girlfriend:)
I would be happy to help any way i can.
please show me the ring u did and the problem u had with it and what u want to do with it.:)