Wednesday, February 14, 2007

simple delights

Simple Delights this ring is made with copper, copper beads and bone beads. I did a bit of a weave on this one.:)


Talula said...

HI! I am partial to this ring. The small copper beads are adorable. I'm still trying to figure out the whole wire ring thing. I've made two practice ones, a red on and a copper swirl one. They're ok but nothign to scream about LOL.

Where did you get your ring mandrel? I want to get a metal one but not spend too much on it. Thanks!

dragoness said...

Hello Talula,
Girlfriend i would so love to see ur stuff plz tell me where to go!:)

As far as the mandrel... i must confess it is a plastic one from i didnt know how much i was gonna get into ring making... but now i am looking for a better one... so i will let u know what i find... and if u find any good buys maybe u will lemme know too.:)

I am so glad u like the piece thanks for looking!:)

Talula said...

Well, you seem to be doing well with the plastic ring mandrel :) I love rings. Heck I love jewelry! Learning how to make it has been awesome!
I have a few pictures of craft wire and bead bracelets that I made last week during snow days on my 360
I started a 360 for my Lola D's business but it is still under development and there isn't anything there yet.

Did you learn your ring making from on-line tuts or books? I'm looking to find some more info for wrapping stones and rings. I saw Eni's ( I didn't know she was in the WWJ group until yesterday! It's odd knowing she's a "real" person not just a web page... you know what I mean?), one one Sunshine something or other, and a few on Preston R's site.
If I find any good deals for ring mandrels I'll let you know.

dragoness said...

Hello my friend,
Well i had a look at ur work and i will say i really LOVE it!!! my fave is the first braclet and omgosh i just love ur glass!!! SWEET! :)

*giggles* yup Eni is real and a real sweety too.

Nope i didnt make my rings from tuts i just did em on my own... one of my gifts is to be able to look at things and figure out how they are put together... for the most part lol.

Lola Ds is ur jewelry business? :)

K i have a url for u for the mandrel.:)
the one u would prolly want is the graduated grooved mandrel (4th item down) fair price.:)
I am very multimedia like u are... photography a bit, writing, jewelry making, comp graphics,....

K my friend u have a good one!