Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trinity tutorial

Trinity pendant tutorial

With about 5 and a half inches of 14-18 gauge wire i make the following shape.

I pound it out and texture it with my hammer.

Notice the hole in the center this is where i add a bali bead cap with a stone i have used either predrilled stones or not.

If i used a predrilled stone I will thread 22 gauge wire through it pull both ends back and through the bead cap then through the hole in the pendant and then use a small glass bead that i threaded the wire through on both sides. Notice the following pic minus the pendant in the next to last step. of this part.

If I am using just a regular stone I will take 5 inches of 22 gauge wire fold and half and coil and bend like this.

And again i add the glass bead as before then take each end and wrap it around my pendant a few times tightly. This can be made more elaborate in the back with more beads going around ect. If u solder u could solder the bali bead to the pendant and skip the glass bead. I think the bead just adds a bit more elegance.:)

the stone will stay in place by you folding the bali bead in slightly at the petals.

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