Friday, May 29, 2009

WWJ Spring 09 honorary swappers/challengers

When i decided to be hostess i knew many were leery due to past experiences and i did all i could to make sure all involved had a positive experience. Well i think all has gone rather well i even had one individual not in the group who wanted to get involved so a friend of mine offered to swap with her and this is how that part of it all turned out.. both are new to the wire work btw...:)
so watch do u think? Click to see bigger images.:)

Its a unicorn, one of the most wondrous "beasties" of Spring;)

This is a whirlwind (and there were 3 so earrings we made too..;)) Who knows what wonders the wind will bring with it.


corra said...

Dear Lis, you have won an AngPao from me! Do drop me a mail so that I could send you an AngPao (Discount Coupon worth USD$5) to you. :D

Anonymous said...

thank you